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Electrical work for Agricultural customers is the mainstay of our contracting business. We have focused on this market of electrical work since founding our company, and continue to focus upon it today. As we have grown as a company, our services have expanded as well. We wire cattle barns, hog barns, poultry barns, new farm electrical services and service upgrades. When it comes to electrical work for your farm, or Ag. related business, Truster Electric is your contractor for a project done safely & professionally, with quality for your best value.

Electrical Work

From conception, to design, to construction we work with you throughout the entire process to make sure your needs are met and handled. From small additions to existing systems to large expansions or complete new systems, Truster Electric has the knowledge, experience and ability to understand, design and construct your electrical system to fill your current and future needs. 

Part of what sets us apart from other contractors is the materials and installation methods that we use in our projects. For example Truster Electric does not install PVC conduit exposed on grain handling facilities, or other areas except for hog barns, some dairy operations, and caustic environments. Instead, we utilize RGC (Rigid Galvanized Conduit) a far superior product that offers a work life that is virtually forever, with little to zero maintenance. The cost of this product is higher and it does take longer to install, but the VALUE of this type of installation is that it requires little to zero maintenance for years, typically your grain bins or other equipment will need paint long before this conduit will. 

Grain Handling, Conditioning, Storage equipment

In addition to more traditional electrical work, we provide service and repair work to grain handling, conditioning, and storage equipment. Our goal is to offer a 'one stop shop' for your grain handling equipment maintenance and repair needs. 

Pre-Season Inspection and Service 

Through the years of experience we have determined that the best way to get our customers through a harvest season with the least break downs, down time, and head ache is by offering a 'Pre-season inspection and service" for their grain equipment. Obviously we cannot eliminate all possible issues during harvest, but a inspection during the off season helps to identify potential problems before they arise and gives oppertunity to correct any issues found before harvest begins. Also, having equipment completely serviced before the start of harvest give peace of mind knowing that your equipment is in ready condition.

Call today for more information on Pre-Season inspections & service, our schedule books up fast!

In-Season Service Calls

No matter how diligent one may be about maintaining his grain handling, conditioning & storage equipment, at some point a 'In-season' breakdown will occur. Truster Electric is ready handle your needs in a timely manner to keep you moving at harvest. We understand that often time is of the essence during harvest, and you cannot afford downtime. We are your partner to keep the grain moving so that you can keep the combine running. Granted we are an Electrical Contractor, but we also have the knowledge to help you get your equipment running in a pinch. We do not market ourselves as a millwright company, but will help customers as needed to get back up and running when needed; we make every effort to be your partner and solution when needed.

Equipment Serviced

  • Batch & continuous flow dryers
  • Bin Fans
  • Bin Fan Heaters
  • Stirrators
  • Augers
  • Drag Conveyors
  • Grain Leg / Bucket Elevators
  • Electric Motors, gear boxes, chains, sprockets, bearings, etc.


Agricultural Electrical & Mechanical Services