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Truster Electric LLC was founded in June of 2007 by Mike and Stephanie Truster. Focused primarily on Agricultural work when we started out, we were looking for any work that was farm related; as it was and still is a 'natural habitat' for Mike. He was raised on his family farm where he continues to farm today. We quickly found a niche market in the grain handling, conditioning, and storage business of agricultural electrical work. Over 10 years later, this work is the mainstay of our business. 

Through the years, Truster Electric  has also cultivated many relationships with commercial and industrial clients as well, helping to round out our customer base. From private businesses to general contractors and a few government entities added to the mix, Truster Electric  has developed a diverse customer base in addition to the agricultural customers.


The three primary focuses of our operations are and always have been Safety, Quality, and Value.

We know and believe that all projects can be completed in a safe manner. The safety of our employees, customers, and fellow trades working on your site is of up most importance to us. We aim for zero accidents, and to date have zero lost time accidents, a record that we are extremely proud of. 

Quality installations that will stand the test of time are a trademark of Truster Electric. Those who know Mike Truster well know and understand that he is determined to produce a installation that he is proud to put his name on, and that will last a lifetime....or as close to that as possible. Utilizing the best materials, tools, and installation methods available, Truster Electric  aims to do it right the first time; and it be built for a long time!

Next, Truster Electric believes that for every dollar their customer spends, they should receive the best possible value in return. We understand that 'the sky is not the limit' in most cases budget wise, and that a customers investment needs to last as long as possible. It is our goal to make sure every dollar a customer spends on electrical work with Truster Electric nets the best possible return, through quality installation, quality service, quality materials, and a respectable working life of the system once installed.

Once the project is completed, our service does not end. We are available for warranty calls (should the need arise, which is rare) service calls, and continued support for any current or future projects. We are here to serve you!

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